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social media management services

How should we manage our social media?’


You’re not alone. It’s a problem faced by business owners, managers, and entrepreneurs across the world. It’s a business ‘must’ that simply didn’t exist 10 years ago.  So, what’s the solution? Manage it in-house (do you have the time and expertise)? Outsource it to a large marketing agency (do you have the budget)? No? Then that’s where we come in… Our ‘done-for-you’ social media management services offer a simple, flexible and affordable solution that’s proven to work – and deliver great results. 

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“We’ve been extremely impressed with the level of insight, sophistication and understanding of the content they’ve produced for us to date. It’s exactly what we need, and it takes a huge pressure off our in-house team.” 


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All Major Social Networks

Connecting you to your target demographic...

  • Facebook has universal appeal, and there’s no doubt – your customers ARE using it. Our Facebook management services ensure you reach them. 
  • Twitter is the most universally useful social network. Our Twitter services make sure you use it to its full potential. 
  • LinkedIn in is where people go to do business networking. If it’s business leads you’re after – you need our Linkedin services
  • Instagram is the fastest growing social network. We will help ANY business make a visual impact on this exciting platform.
  • For some businesses, the visual appeal of Pinterest can be a golden ticket. Our Pinterest management services will help you cash in.
  • Did you know You-Tube is the second most popular search engine on the web? We can help you make sure your videos get seen by the right people. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about our Social Media Management Services?

Can we just use one social network?

Yes, of course. In some situations it makes sense for a business to focus their attention solely on one social media network. In these situations we are happy to limit our social media management services to just one network.

Will we be tied into a contract?

No. It doesn’t matter what your reason is. Maybe you’ve had to make cut backs, want to use other marketing channels, or maybe you’ve taken on an in-house social media manager. It doesn’t matter what your reason is; if you want to stop using our services, we won’t hold you to any contract. With all our social media management packages you can cancel at any time. All we ask is that you give us 30 days notice.

We only have a £500 budget, what would you recommend?

Well, it would depend on the nature of your business, and your short and long term goals. However, in general, the most effective way forward is always to ensure there is a robust ‘content funnel’ to effectively move customers towards the point where they ‘buy’. With this in mind, our recommendation would always be to focus on one or two social networks and a few blog articles per month. Then, once this is successfully moving people down the sales funnel, we’d encourage you to increase the number of people you reach by adding another social network.

Are the followers real?

Of course! We know there are plenty of companies out there offering automated, fake or inactive social media followers. However, we are fully aware that there is absolutely no point having these followers. We’d much rather you had 10 engaged, real followers who were interested in what you were selling, rather than 10,000 who had absolutely no chance of ever buying from you. We build followers for you by publishing great content, and making sure it’s seen by your target demographic. This is done through a mix of organic and paid promotion channels. The point is, these are real people who have chosen to follow you because they like what you’re doing.

Can we still post to our social media accounts?

Yes, definitely. And we encourage you to do so. In fact, it’s entirely up to you. You can post to your accounts yourself, or you can send us the information for us to post on your networks. Or (0the option most of our customers choose) you can simply send us a weekly bulletin of what’s going on in your company, and we’ll create all the necessary posts to get that information out into the world.

Where are you based?

The Greener Media offices are in South Wales (think Cardiff + Swansea area). It’s a beautiful part of the world. However, we are a truly ‘national’ social media agency. We work with customers from all over the UK -this includes a number of businesses in London, Bristol, Scotland and the Midlands. We have regular communication with all of our customers via email, skype and on the phone. No matter where you are based, if you would like to meet face-to-face, we will make sure we’re there.

Do your social media management services include graphics?

Yes, we have an entire graphic design team who will create custom, branded graphics for your campaign right from the word ‘go’. This means your social media profiles will look extremely professional and make them really stand out from your competition. If there’s ever any graphics you’d like us to create, you simply need to let us know.

We are thinking of just hiring someone in-house to manage our social media...

Well, you could do this, and we’re not saying it’s a bad option. For some companies it can be useful having someone in-house. However, it does have its downsides. You will have recruitment fees, you’ll need to train them, NI, PAYE, Pension contributions. It all adds up. When you consider that you could have an entire social media team at your disposal for just £499/month – outsourcing is certainly a cost-effective, and stress-free, option.

Which social media networks should we use?

So, you think you might be interested in using our social media management services, but aren’t sure which networks are best? Well, first of all, it’s a good question – and one certainly worth asking. we certainly don’t recommend using all networks, simply because everyone else is. To be honest there isn’t a simple answer. To effectively advise you, we’d need to speak with you either face to face or on the phone. Why not schedule a call with us here?

When will we start seeing results?

This will largely depends on which social media management services you choose. obviously the more networks you use, the more blog articles you publish and the more emails you send, the faster you will see results. Another key factor is, what you consider to be good results. When you start using our social media management services you will see new followers and an increase engagement almost instantly. However, depending on what industry and sector your business is in, it might take longer to  start seeing sales activity.

Why are you different to other social media agencies?

Well, it’s not very fair to put all other social media agencies in the same bag. Some are obviously better than others. However, in our experience, and from what we’ve been told by our customers, the main thing that sets us apart is our flexibility. Frist of all, we try to give businesses options that will deliver value at every level of monthly budget. We have packages for £99 per month, but equally, we have highly effective packages that deliver incredible value at £1000+ per month. We have something for everyone. What’s more. unlike many other social media agencies, we don’t hold our customers to long contracts or commitments. If you want to stop using our services at any time, for any reason whatsoever, that’s no problem at all. All we require is 30 days notice.


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How Does it Work?

Simple. Flexible. Cost Effective

…80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes” Vilfredo Pareto


This is the guiding principle in all our social media management packages. No two businesses are the same – so why should they market themselves in exactly the same way. We aim to patch each business we work with with the social media networks that will give them the greatest results.  We encourage you to ‘mix & match’ to build a package that will give you the greatest value.  Another really important point is that social media ALWAYS works best when it is combined with other digital marketing channels. We’ve found that businesses see far more results if they combine just one social network with blogging, email marketing or paid advertising, rather than simply using 2, 3 or 4 social networks.  We’ve added an example here to illustrate the type of package that you can create, and what it costs. However, to get a much clearer idea, we recommend using our package builder tool. This will allow you to select the options that are most appropriate to your business, budget and aims. It’s free, instant and easy to use!

Social Media and Blogging

The Essential Partnership

On its own, social media is a great tool. It allows you to reach new people, build audiences and get the attention of potential customers. The trouble is, it’s a long jump from asking someone to view, like or share your social media posts, to getting them to buy your products or services. Unfortunately, this gap is the most common reason for businesses not getting value from social media. So, what’s the answer? Simple: a well-managed blog Blog articles provide the crucial link between social media and your product or sales pages. They give you a chance to educate, reassure and inspire your social media followers in a way that you simply cannot in a Tweet. They allow you to positively influence your audience until you have educated them to the point where they are ready to buy from you. It’s a content driven sales funnel that’s been proven again and again. We can certainly vouch for that!

twitter and blog management


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