Professional Linkedin Management Services

A 'done-for-you' page or profile management service


LinkedIn is the professional social network. For making valuable business connections and generating new and exciting opportunities, there’s no better network. Our Linkedin management services help busy business owners tap into this great opportunity.

  • Our professional Linkedin management services mean each post on your profile or company page is professionally written, checked and checked again before it goes live.
  • Are you snowed under with work? No time to update your profile? No problem, we’ll post messages for you Monday to Friday without fail.
  • We will ensure that your personal LinkedIn profile or company page represent you in the best possible way.

Our LinkedIn Management Packages

Some of our most popular Linkedin management packages

In the past two years, content consumption on LinkedIn has increased 21%.

HubSpot, 2016

The 'Business' Network

Can you afford to ignore it?

When people want to see funny videos of cats, or find out what their friends have eaten, they tend to go to Facebook or YouTube. However, if they are in business, looking for companies to work with, people to employ or read business related content, they go to LinkedIn.

The professional focus of LinkedIn makes it the perfect environment for making valuable and profitable professional connections. It’s also the place where you most want to make a good impression. What’s more, since the introduction of LinkedIn Pulse articles, people are consuming more content than ever on LinkedIn.

social media for recruiters

“We’ve been extremely impressed with the level of insight, sophistication and understanding of the content they’ve produced for us to date. It’s exactly what we need, and it takes a huge pressure off our in-house team.”

Revenue Optimisation Consultancy – UK

LinkedIn Pulse Articles

Establish your authority and see your influence soar

When LinkedIn introduced their pulse article platform well known business leaders were quick to harness its power. Everyone from Richard Branson to Ariana Huffington began publishing regular articles on the platform. However, the power of LinkedIn pulse articles isn’t reserved for business ‘celebrities’. Anyone can publish an article on LinkedIn, and it’s one of the best ways for you to raise your profile (and that of your business).

Our LinkedIn management services include us publishing one LinkedIn pulse article for you each month. This article would be pre-approved by you as part of our content planning process, and establishes you as a true authority in your sector.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about our Linkedin management services?

Can I see each post before it is published?

Yes, this is an important part of our process. We will give you access to your own online dashboard that will let you log in at any time and see the messages that are scheduled to be published on your LinkedIn profile or company page. If you need anything changed, just let us know.

What is a LinkedIn Pulse?

LinkedIn has recently opened their Pulse network up to the general public. This has greatly improved the effectiveness of the platform, but only for those who use it well. A well-written pulse article can get your name in front of hundreds of new prospects, the question is, what’s their first impression of you going to be?

How can you write about OUR business?

We fully understand how important it is for us to understand your business before we start writing about it. That’s why we have such an in-depth research process before we start any project.

Can you write my profile for me?

Usually, the business owners we work with will come to us with a list of facts that they want on their LinkedIn profile. We will then organise this information and add it to all the necessary fields. One important element of this is optimising your profile for relevant keywords. This helps maximise your visibility in the Linkedin search portal.

Can you optimise our team's LinkedIn Profiles?

We get asked this a lot. Your employees are online representatives of your business. This means that their Linkedin profiles form an important part of how your business is perceived online.

We can help with this in a number of ways, from optimising their profiles and posting on their behalf, to creating guidelines or delivering training to ensure they are using the platform properly.

Can you manage my personal profile?

Yes, we are able to help manage both your personal LinkedIn profile or company page. However, with personal profiles, there are limitations (as it’s your profile). We can help post content to your profile, and optimise your profile page. However, you will still need to reply to any messages and choose which connection requests you want to accept.

Activity = Results

Little and often - it works...

Every business owner is the same. As soon as things get busy in the office, posting to your social media profiles is the first thing to go. However, as soon as things quieten down, you are drawn back to the opportunity they offer. What if you could post every day – even when you were busy?

By posting every day, even if it’s just once, you are reminding people who are, what you do and (crucially) that you are still open for business.

Our Linkedin management services ensure that you are represented in the best possible way – every day. That fact alone will put you ahead of 90% of LinkedIn users.

Why Us?

What makes us different?

There are lots of social media agencies out there who offer some form of Linkedin management services. So, why use us?

Well, in our experience, for a service like this to work, it needs to give our customers a great service, at a price that makes it viable. Our Linkedin management services have been designed to offer great value and, as a result, the companies we work with are extremely happy.

The other factor that makes us different is our focus on content. Greener Media started life as a copywriting agency. Our roots are in high-quality content production – and this is where it will always stay. The talent of our writers, and the integrity of our quality control processes will ensure that every LinkedIn post represents you in the best possible way!