What Makes Us Different?

(In a Good Way)

We know that there are lots of content marketing agencies out there. Some are good. Some, not so good.

We also know that choosing a company to trust an important part of your business with is difficult – especially when it’s something as crucial as social media. So, why should you choose to work with us over the many other social media companies out there?

Here are 10 of the best reasons we can think of…

  1. We have been at this a long time. We actually wrote our first blog article for our first client around the same time that Facebook launched in the UK, and started writing Facebook posts shortly afterwards. We know what works, and we know what needs to happen to KEEP it working.
  2. We’re a ‘proper’ company. Unlike many of our competitors, we are a registered limited company in the UK, and VAT registered. For you, this means more trust, more protection, and more security. In our experience, companies dealing with companies works far better than with sole-traders or freelancers.
  3. Technology. At every opportunity, we use technology to both improve our service, and make time and cost savings that we can pass on to our customers. This is why we can offer such a high level of service at such a low relative cost.
  4. We’re a small team. With us, every member of our team will have an in-depth knowledge of your project and business. Believe us, that makes a difference.
  5. Value. OK, we should have led with this, right? The truth is, we could charge a lot more for our services. We do pay attention to our competitors (you may have looked at a few of them), and we can see many charging two or three times what we do for an identical service. Instead of charging more, having fewer customers and our customers always questioning the value of what we do, we prefer to offer a great service at a great price. To us, this makes far more sense.
  6. Transparency. Have you looked at other agencies? After looking at their websites, did you feel that you had a clear grasp of exactly what they would do for you, and exactly what it would cost? No? Frustrating isn’t it? Our package builder tool is designed to make our services and pricing 100% transparent, and accessible so that you can make an informed decision. If it doesn’t, PLEASE tell us!
  7. We over deliver. Every single one of our packages includes many things that we don’t even mention. These are just little surprises that, when you start working with us, will make you go ‘wow‘ (in a good way).
  8. Skill sets. Many of our competitors are run by business owners who have done MBAs, Media Studies Courses or just have a talent for business. Greener Media is run by writers. The focus is and always has been, on the words. When your entire online reputation depends on the quality of your posts, this matters.
  9. We care. Easy to say, we know. However, we really do. We’ve been in business long enough to know that running any sort of business is tough. We know the challenges business owners face, and we do everything we can to help. We invest in every business we work with. After all, if your business goes from strength to strength – you’re going to keep working with us, right? It’s this approach that has led to us working with many of our customers for years.
  10. Still not convinced? OK, click this link and schedule a call with Tom, our founder, and Content Director. Tell him about your business, and the reasons that are stopping you from starting to work with us right now. We’re confident that after speaking with him, you’ll be raring to go.