Facebook Ad Management Services

Do you want to tap into the power of Facebook Advertising?

Facebook Ad Management Packages from Just £200/month! 🙌

Facebook Ad Management

Perfect for companies looking to tap into the Facebook Ad Network


inc VAT per month

Ad Management

2 New Campaigns Each Month

We’ll build out up to two new campaigns for you each month. These will be fully featured Facebook Ad campaigns with advanced audience targeting, custom artwork and split testing.

Image Creation

Our in-house graphics team will create high-converting imagery to be used in your campaigns.

Ad Split Testing

We will test the impact of images, ad text and audiences on the performance of your ad sets. This data driven approach ensures you’re always improving your ads.

Ad Spend up to £1500/month

This package is suitable for companies looking to spend less than £1500 on Facebook Advertising each month.

Weekly Optimisations

  • Split test reviews

  • Audience reviews

  • Frequency reviews

Facebook Remarketing

This is the most effective Facebook campaign you can run. We will implement and run it for you.

Audience Creation

We will create highly targeted audiences for you based on interests, locations, and actions your visitors have taken on your own website.


When is the most effective time for your ad to run? We will identify this and cut out the wastage.

Page Likes Campaign

We will run up to one page-likes campaign for your Facebook page each month.

“Facebook is the number one ad channel for both B2C and B2B companies.” – Social Media Examiner Industry Report

Facebook Advertising is one of the most effective paid marketing channels we have access to. Either on its own or used with other paid marketing channels (such as Google AdWords), Facebook Advertising has something to offer ANY business trying to sell their businesses or services online.

Though there is huge potential there for ALL businesses, the challenge is that it’s a steep learning curve. To get the most from Facebook Ads, your campaigns need to be set up just right, and continuously monitored and optimized.

Our ‘done-for-you’ Facebook Ad Management package is designed to solve this problem for you.

  • Our paid marketing experts will create new campaigns for you each month in-line with your own marketing objectives.
  • We will monitor and optimize your Facebook Ads on a weekly basis. This will include measuring the effectiveness of images, audiences, and targeting. 

  • Our in-house graphics team will create images that comply with Facebooks image recommendations for ads, and that are proven to convert well. 

  • We will set up, or work with your web developer, to implement advanced audience tracking and conversion tracking on your website. 

  • We will use advanced remarketing techniques to bring visitors back to your website, and make the most of your ad spend. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about our Facebook Ad Management Services? 

Will you handle the ad spend, or do we?

The only fee that you will pay us will be the Facebook Ad Management fee. This will be included in whichever package you choose. All ad spend will be paid to Facebook in the normal way using the payment method on your Facebook account. 

Will we be tied into a contract?

No. All we require is 30 days notice from you to terminate or change our services. However, you will need to make any payments to us that are due within that period.

How much input will we have?

You can have as much or as little impact as you want. Some companies choose to check their Facebook Ads results on a weekly basis, while others might only look in on it every couple of months.

Do we need a Facebook Page to use Facebook Ads?

Yes, you will need a Facebook company page to use our Facebook Ad management services. You should also aim to have at least one post a day being published on that account to ensure that you appear active and engaged on Facebook.


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