Google Adwords Management Services

Professional 'Done-for-You' Google Adwords Management Services

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Google AdWords is the original PPC network, and it’s still the most effective driver of online sales for many online businesses. By allowing businesses to tap into Google’s global dominance in the search market, with just a few clicks, it’s no surprise that Google Adwords is most businesses first thought when it comes to PPC.

However, like all effective marketing channels, with great reach, comes great competition. Google Adwords is the most competitive paid marketing channel out there. As a result, it’s only the companies who are consistently optimizing and improving their campaigns who will get the most value.

Our ‘done-for-you’ packages give you the chance to have your AdWords account professionally managed, at a low monthly cost.

  • We will create a new AdWords campaign each month in line with your own marketing objectives and business aims.
  • We will optimize your Google Adwords account on a weekly basis. This will include a search term review, negative keyword review, and ad optimizations.
  • We will write all ads and create all necessary content for your Google AdWords campaigns.
  • We will work with your web developer to implement tracking scripts on your website so that we can measure conversions and implement remarketing campaigns to target your website visitors.

For high commercial intent search queries, the top three ad spots take about 40% of the clicks on the page. – Wordstream

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about our Google AdWords Management Services?

Will you handle the ad spend, or do we?

The only fee that you will pay us is the amount that’s been agreed as part of your package. All ad-spend is to be paid directly to Google, and will be paid using your chosen payment method in your AdWords account (we can help you set this up).

Will we be tied into a contract?

No. All we require is 30 days notice from you to terminate or change our services. However, you will need to make any payments to us that are due within that period.

Do we need to have any input?

It is useful if you are able to review the reports we send you. No one knows your business better than you, and we will always value your input if you have any suggestions or observations. However, this is a ‘done-for-you’ service that’s designed to give businesses a ‘hands off’ service.

When will we start seeing results?

That’s the beauty of Google Adwords, as soon as we set your first campaign live, you could start seeing new website visitors within minutes! This means that it is very realistic to expect new customers within a few days (or even hours) of the campaign going live.


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