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Social media packages for recruitment companies from £145/month ?

 Social Media for Recruitment Agencies  ?

Packages From £145/month

48% of candidates used social media in the search for their most recent job – Talent Works (2017)

Over the last couple of years, we’ve been managing social media for recruitment agencies from across the UK. During this time, we’ve constantly measured and refined the channels they use in order to maximise the value they get from social media. This experience managing social media for recruitment agencies in various specialist sectors means we are uniquely qualified to identify what works.  

These social media packages are the result. 

These social media packages are ideal for small to medium sized recruitment agencies who are either growing quickly or looking to grow considerably over the coming months and years.

The Benefits

3 Key Reasons to Use Our Packages

Recruitment agencies across the country are all looking to get their share of the rapidly growing jobs market. However, in order to do so, they all need to compete in three key areas.

Our social media for recruitment agencies packages will help you excel in each of these key areas. 

  • 1. Attract New Clients

    Of course, more recruitment clients is the #1 aim of any recruitment marketing campaign. This package will help you reach more people, gain attention and build trust in your company.

  • 2. Attract Candidates

    There’s no point having lots of great clients if you don’t have the talent to fill the positions, right? The content funnel we create will make sure you have the pick of the pack.

  • 3. Build Your Team

    The third key component is about attracting the best talent to your recruitment agency. You are only as good as your team, so why not make sure you have the best recruitment consultants banging down your door to work for you?

Our Packages

Social media packages for recruitment agencies

The following social media packages have been specifically designed for recruitment agencies. They have been put together based on what we have seen work particularly well for those in the recruitment sector. However, if you would prefer to build your own bespoke package, you can do so using our own package builder tool.

Starter Package

£145/month inc.VAT

A great package for recruitment agencies just wanting regular content published on their behalf

  • Daily posts on Facebook
  • Daily Posts on Linkedin
  • Custom social media graphics
  • Customer dashboard

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Growth Package

£432/month inc.VAT

Perfect for recruitment agencies looking short and long-term results

  • Daily posts on Linkedin
  • Daily posts on Twitter
  • Monthly Linkedin pulse article
  • 2 Blog articles per month
  • Custom social media graphics
  • Customer dashboard
  • Custom blog images

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PRO Package

£721/month inc.VAT

For recruitment agencies who want to make a real impact

  • 2 Daily Posts on Twitter
  • 2 Daily Posts on LinkedIn
  • Monthly Linkedin Pulse article
  • 4 Long blog articles
  • Custom social media graphics
  • Customer dashboard

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about our Social Media Management Services?

Why do the packages only include Twitter and Linkedin?

These packages have been designed to give you the greatest possible value. Based on our experience, recruiters will usually get the most value from LinkedIn and Twitter, because they are more ‘professional’.

However, you are able to add any other network to your package. Simply use our Package Builder Tool to select your options and generate an instant, on-screen quote.

Which Linkedin profile will you publish the LinkedIn Pulse article on?

This is entirely up to you. For smaller agencies, it’s usually beneficial for the article to be published under the CEO’s profile. However, if you have managers within your organisation who are responsible for different recruitment niches, it might be worth publishing each article under the profile of whoever specialises in that topic.

Can we increase our social media activity as we grow?

Of course. All our packages are designed to scale with the companies we work with. All our social media packages for recruitment agencies can be added to and scaled as you begin to see results.

These packages aren't quite what I want. What should I do?

That’s an easy one. Simple, use our interactive package builder to build your own bespoke package. There are literally thousands of different possible combinations. You’ll be able to clearly see what’s included, and how much it costs.

If you have ANY questions about how it works, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We specialise in a particular recruitment sector, is that OK?

Absolutely. We know that most recruitment agencies choose to specialise. In fact, we’ve worked with specialist recruitment agencies in most of the major sectors (tech, IT, healthcare, construction, pharmaceuticals etc.). We will work hard to ensure we have the specialist knowledge we need to ensure the success of your campaign.

Wouldn't we be better managing it in-house?

Well, you could. However, you need to consider whether it’s cost effective for you to do so.

For a growing agency, increasing their recruitment team is the #1 key to success. By outsourcing your social media to us (at a fraction of an extra team member’s monthly salary) you can focus on recruiting team members who will help generate income (from the leads we generate for you).