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Monthly Content Marketing Packages to Match ANY Budget!?

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Imagine having a sales team working for your company 24/7. That’s what a well run content marketing campaign can help you achieve – a steady stream of targeted prospects, all fully educated about your products and services, and ready to BUY!

Our ‘done-for-you’ content marketing services are designed to enable ANY company to start and run an effective content marketing campaign, without all the cost and hassle of managing it in-house.

We offer a full range of content marketing services ranging from our core services of social media management and blog writing, to graphic design, website copywriting and paid advertising management. 

If you are at all unsure about which services are right for you, please don’t hesitate to either get in touch or schedule a call. 

Social Media

Imagine having an entire social media team working each day to make your company look great online. What if you could have all that for as little as £200 per month? Our social media management services offer an effective, professional and affordable solution.

Blog Writing

A well-managed blog does the job of a salesperson working 24/7 for your business. It’ll find new prospects, educate them and bring them closer to the point where they ‘buy’. Our ‘done for you’ blog writing services offer a professional and hassle-free solution. 

Build Your Package

The best way to see how our services could work for you is to build your own bespoke content marketing package. Simply select your options, build your package and our tool will give you an instant, on-screen quote. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions About Our Content Marketing Services? 

Will we be tied into a contract?

We have a mimimum contract period of three monthly, mostly due to the amount of work involved when we begin a new project. However, we also feel that three months is necessary in order for you and use to make a sensible decision about what is working. After the first 90 days, you can cancel at any time, just give us 30 days notice.

How can you write about MY business?

Well, the best way for us to convince you is for you to see what we can do. However, it’s important to make the point that the amount of research and planning we put in to every new project we take on means that we understand every business we work with extremely well before we write a single word! Some companies we work with have even suggested that we understood their business better than them!

Do you work with large organisations?

Our packages have been designed to scale. This means that all companies, from one man bands right up to big organisations, can find a package that works for them. We have companies paying us anything from £200 to £5000 per month to manage their content marketing for them. We aim to give each one great value.

We want to get started, how soon can you start?

Well, that does depend a little on the project. However, 95% of the projects we begin working on will fit into our standard onboarding schedule. This means that from you giving us the ‘go ahead’ to your first content being published, there will be a period of 10 working days.


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