My Guide to Filter Coffee in the Workplace

Hi readers! Welcome to another edition of Abe’s Coffee Column.

Here at Greener Media HQ, we’re really enjoying the warm sun of early Summer, along with a refreshing, floral V60 filter coffee to help keep our minds on the content, and not the seat in the sun waiting for us at the end of the day! So this week, I thought I’d share with you all my guide to how to enjoy the best of this simple, easy method for brewing #betterofficecoffee.

Making your own filter coffee in a cone is a simple, cheap way to enjoy the complex flavours of good coffee in a subtler, less intense way than espresso. All it requires is a plastic V60 cone, some good coffee beans and a pack of paper filters and you’re away! It might just be the brew that converts you to pure and simple black coffee, too…

The flavours are complex, diverse and subtle, a really good way to enjoy all that your carefully chosen office coffee beans have to offer.




Brew Guide


Here’s my simple guide to brewing V60 filter coffee in the office or workspace. You’ll need a kettle, filter cone, vessel and paper filters, a set of electronic scales and a timer:


  1. Boil water and let it stand for a couple of minutes.
  2. Put a paper filter in your V60 funnel and place into the holding vessel. These Hario V60 filters are perfect for the job. Place the whole setup on your scales and tare.
  3. Heat the paper filter by pouring a little hot water around it, allowing it to drain away. This helps remove any traces of paper in the final taste.
  4. Add 14g of ground coffee to the filter. Not sure how fine to grind your coffee? Ask to have your beans ground for a V60 when you buy them.
  5. Pour 30g of water, slowly and gently, over the coffee in a circular motion. You’ll soon see the coffee start to bloom, carbon dioxide bubbles emerging on the surface of the grounds.
  6. After 30 seconds, pour a further 70g over the coffee. You’ll begin to see the golden brown extraction emerge.
  7. At the 50-second mark, pour a further 50g of water, and then at 1:15 pour a final 50g of water over the grounds. Your scales should read 250g.
  8. Once 2:30 has passed, remove the filter from the vessel and enjoy your final brew. If it is too strong, feel free to add some more water to taste.


There you have it. I won’t say any more, I’ll let the brew speak for itself. But let me know how you get on – drop us a comment below or tweet @Abe_Greener.


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