Flexible and Affordable Social Media Packages from £99/month ?

Flexible and Affordable

Social Media Packages and Pricing

From £99/month ?

The way we have structured our social media packages and pricing has been designed to make it as flexible and adaptable as possible. We have adopted a ‘modular’ structure, which allows you to pick and choose the networks, the post frequency and any ‘add-ons’ that are relevant to you. This structure also allows you to easily add other services such as blog articles and paid advertising to your package, either now or at a later stage.

The packages below are some of our more popular packages. However, if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, simply use our interactive package builder tool and build your own bespoke package. This tool will give you an instant, on-screen quote and let you continue to tweak the package until you are completely happy.

Our Social Media Packages

Here are some of our most popular social media packages and what they cost.

It’s almost impossible for us to show all the social media packages and pricing we offer. With so many networks, post frequencies and other package ‘add-ons’, the number of possible combinations are almost limitless. The reason we offer so many options is to ensure that we can offer something for ALL businesses. 

The packages below are intended to give you an idea of how we structure our social media packages. Based on this, we then recommend that you use our package builder to generate a specific package for your business. If this sounds too much like hard work, we also offer a social media package concierge service, which means we will put together some tailored social media packages designed specifically for your business. 

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